Sunday, 19 August 2012

About Me


I am a freelance linguist, providing translation, transcription, editing, and language test development services. In my freelance career, I have been through many good, but some bad, experiences. I thought to create this blog where I could share my experiences as a freelance linguist, and also benefit from the views on my posts. I hope what I will share on my blog will be found useful for all in general, and the freelance linguists in particular.

Translation is my passion, and I love my work. I know that many others would share with me the same feelings about translation, but the thing is that this passion, this love, is not easy to satiate as it might appear to some. It is a world, where you have to put in a lot of struggle, along with consistency, to establish a good reputation for yourself in the industry. You need to be active at some important translation-related websites and job portals, about which I will talk in a bit detail in my next post, and you need to keep growing your online professional contacts. And, above all, you need to present distinguishing talent and excellent work to your clients, so much so that each of them for whom you do a job once should are impressed enough with your work to become your references. It is a slow process of building fame -- perhaps too slow for some, especially those who translate in a language which already have a great number of translators -- but it is definitely the one which will establish a firm foundation on which you can gradually build a skyscraper of your reputation as an ingenious and expert translator.

Last, but not least, be patient, and keep putting in indefatigable struggle. Wait for the heyday of your success, and do not lose hope on experiencing failures. Failures do hurt, but they soon turn into golden experiences on which you base your future actions.


  1. AoA. You are very right... try try again till you succeed.. never to lose hope.. May ALLAH AL Mighty Bless you Always, AMEEN!

    1. Ameen, and Jazak ALLAH for the wish.