Sunday, 11 November 2012


Unlike UK-based institutes, translation Studies, as an academic disciplinary study, is not popular with US-based institutes. There are very few institutes which provide certificate and degree courses in translation. For the convenience of those interested in doing courses in translation, I have prepared the following list of such courses on offer at US universities. As you would see in this list, there are only two universities – Binghamton and Kent State – which offer PhD in Translation Studies. Moreover, the translation courses offered at other institutes largely concentrate on professional side of translation, providing certificates in specific languages to translators. As we all would agree, in the globalised world of today, translation of technical as well as literary work without question is of profound importance. The universities in the US, thus, should pay attention to this pressing need, and offer more BS, MA, and PhD programmes in translation.

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American University:

Binghamton University:

Taught Courses:              

Research Degree:           

Brown University:

Georgia State University:             

Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics with Concentration in Bible Translation:

The MA is offered in collaboration with SBTS.

Kent State University:



Marygrove College:

Montclair State University:

Monterey Institute of International Studies, Middlebury College:

Degree Programmes:

Dual Degree Programmes:

Short Courses:

New York University:


Of the above courses, the following are either offered both online and onsite or exclusively online.

Marygrove College:


Monterey Institute of International Studies, Middlebury College:

Short Courses:

 New York University:


The University of Texas at Brownsville:




  1. Hi can u help me to know between USA universities Binghamton and Kent , which one is more accredited ??? I was admitted to both and I need to choose now

  2. Thank you for your query, Marjan. I congratulate you on your getting admitted to both the universities. I guess it is the PhD programme that you are enrolled in?

    I do not have personal experience with either of these universities, but I have learnt from a colleague, who has earned a Mater's in Translation Studies from Kent, is that the Translation Studies department at the Kent State University is the best in the USA in terms of quality of education and accreditation. Moreover, every newly-admitted student gets a research or teaching fellowship in the University, which is great to gain practical experience.

  3. Now a day, translation of documents has very biggest problem worldwide and USA few institutes which have provided the degree of translation courses and numerous translators available in the market to give the assistance for needed people.

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